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24/09/2023 till March 2024:
I will be on a travel around the globe. Please e-mail me for online availability


Osteopathy is a holistic approach to help you improve or manage a wide range of complaints. From muscle/ joint pain over abdominal discomfort to headaches/ jaw pain.


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Meditation & lifestyle advice sessions support you through life changing times or managing your daily life in a healthier way. 

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Kinesiology is a usefull tool to diagnose metabolic/physiological imbalances in the body. It can help with stress management, dietry issues, allergies etc.

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Meet Hiisha

I am passionate about holistic healing approaches and found my main approach through osteopathic therapy. I dealt with scoleosis since teenage years and improved my health with climbing and dancing since. This helps me to understand what my patients are going through on physical and mental aspects.

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