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Applied Kinesiology

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology is based on a mixture of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. It is a non-invasive technique to evaluate the nerve function of your body. It focuses on the nerve supply to the muscles, evaluating the muscles function because this is related to the bodies structure, the bodies chemistry and the mechanism of nerve regulation. Using the muscle testing as a diagnostic tool, it helps to find the cause of your dis-ease and to balance the sensory and the motor system of your body. 

When do I use Applied Kinesiology?

I use an applied kinesiology approach for general testing to find the main area of dis-ease of the body, to improve hormone imbalances, prolonged raised stress levels, emotional imbalances and any general health difficulties where we would work alongside your GPs advice to support your immune system. 

Please contact me for any inquiries as I include this treatment as an addition to osteopathic treatment.

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