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Meditation and Mindfullness

Why do I offer Meditation and Mindfullness?

My passion is to help people in connecting with their bodies and souls and to support our society in the adaptation of stressful modern environments and lifestyles.

Meditation practice reaches back into the early stages of healing and world awareness around 5000 BCE and becomes more popular in the western medical world within the last century and is now a standard method for stress management. 

I explored the depth of meditation techniques for more than a decade, learning the most useful tools in seminars, private meditation sessions and self experiments. 

I offer these sessions online to inspire you with different angles on a lifestyle, point of view or the exploration of spiritual journeys and overcoming inner barriers.


What does a session look like?

The sessions last around one hour be structured in a way that we have some introduction time, followed by mindfulness training/ guided spiritual meditation or further exploration of the subject that you need support with.

Throughout the guided meditations it is my highest priority that you feel safe and supported to enhance the best outcome of your experience.

On an important note: This practice of meditation is not linked to any certain background other than the strength of love in our hearts and our power of the mind to create a world we want to live in.


Please contact me for any inquiries and bookings, as I schedule them outside of any fixed schedule.

Prices range from 75-100£ per hour, -> for more info, please get in touch.

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