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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic way to assess and treat the body for a variety of complains. Everything in the body is connected which means that an injury or tension can effect the whole body in its function. With an osteopathic examination and treatment approach we aim to detect the underlying disfunction, balance it out to help your body to rebalance itselt. The way I work includes 3 different approaches:

The cranial osteopathic approach

Cranial Osteopathy adresses the body's own healing mechanism, improving general vitality of tissues and works on the nervous system, as well as membranes and connective tissue in the body. It also works on ligaments by letting the body find its own balance after injuries or misalignments. As our cells and tissues know where they are supposed to be, to cause the least tension in the surrounding tissues, we can let them settle into this state of released tension. By reteaching the nerves about the body's proprioception in this new found state of balance, the body can then act most effectively as a 'inner physician'.

The visceral osteopathic approach

Visceral Osteopathy looks at the organs and the tissues that lie around it. Our organs are suspended from the spine and get their nerve supply from the spine, the head and/ or the sacrum. A number of issues can effect the viscera - from scars, allergies/ intolerances, over stress to metabolic imbalances. With gentle manual therapy techniques these tensions can be released and mobility, as well as function of the organs can improve our overall wellbeing and our skeletal structure

The structural osteopathic approach

Structural Osteopathy is the most commonly practiced approach within the osteopathic field in the UK. It is a way to improve and align the body's function and structure by aligning the spine, mobilising joints and releasing muscle and fascial tension.

Osteopathic massage (based on classical osteopathy)

Within an osteopathic massage I include all the principles of osteopathy in a full body mobilisation, working through all the joints and loosening the whole body from tensions. This approach is a great holistic massage as well as a preventative full body treatment. People with sedentary lifestyles, bad posture, intense sportive activities and joint degenerative disorders can highly benefit from this kind of treatment.


How does an osteopathic treatment look like?

I use a mixture of the above mentioned osteopathic approaches within each treatment, depending on the problem causing tissues and the patients constitution. By getting the body in a place where the 'inner physition' can heal the tissues, I then support the fluid flow and tissue balancing within the whole body. By taking a detailed full medical case history and performing holistic osteopathic assessments, I tailor individual treatment plans, which include post treatment management and exercise plans where indicated. I have seen the best results so far by addressing the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of my patients, taking life situations and physical wellbeing into consideration. In this way, I can support each patient to their needs and expectations. 

Lifestyle Coaching

Osteopathic practice does not only cover physical complaints but also the social surrounding of a peron which is an important aspect of chronicity and triggers of illness. My interests in holistic health and my own difficulties finding a sustainable lifestyle in a busy and overwhelming world have led me to integrate lifestyle advises in my osteopathic management. These advises include aspects of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Mindfulness. Depending on your life situation and difficulties you are faced with I will give you inspirations and exercises add to the mental wellbeing of your health.

If you have an interest in learning more about mindfullness or to have support along your spiritual journey, I would recommend to book a free online introduction session to learn more about how I can support you on your path.

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