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The Power of Appreciation: Acknowledging the Functionality of Our Bodies

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Our bodies and cells stand never still. Even when we rest, some systemic organs are working 24/7. It is time we give some acknowledgment back and boost the bodies healing mechanism.

This is the first of 4 teachings that started to manifest when I was walking through the magical land of old wisdom in East Canada.

Do you realise how much your body works every day?

  • No, but I realise how much pain I am in every day.

  • Hmm.. never really thought about this.

  • Yes, I connect to my body every day and practice gratitude

Love Your Body

We get on with our every day life’s business without hesitation, not realising the baseline of all this -the fact that we function on a physical and mental level. Getting out of bed is so normal for us, that it is a real disability when we get injured, chronic back pain or even a splinter in the thumb. A key to maintain this functionality however is to practice regular gratitude towards our bodies function.

When walking through the forest I realised that the forest functions as a community. Everything inside this biotop is acting on maintaining a balance. Trees and mushrooms work in symbiosis, birds and insects look after the health of other species and the list goes on. A forest is healthy and ‘happy’ when its society is functioning well.

We often hear about healthy diet and exercise. But lets take this one step further. Respectively to the forest that needs to function to maintain a harmony, we have to look after our cells, organs, muscles and bones, to maintain the harmony within our bodies. This cell harmony is required to stay healthy. Some of our organs, for example the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs and many more, work 24/7. They are all based on cell vitality, fluidity in tissues and other well researched health aspects.

I would like to invite you today to look at the mental strength to keep the bodies cells in harmony and vital by an energy called love and gratitude.

The first step is to realise how much is working rather than concentrating on the little twinges here and there. This will feed the body on a cellular vibration level that is better than any medicine from the pharmacy. In the end, it is about being thankful that our bodies are functioning in their own beautiful way. It is about looking after its ability to adapt and to heal itself. With this approach we help to maintain an environment in which we feel at home inside ourselves.


This is an inspirational exercise to practice gratitude towards your body for example as part of an evening ritual.

Daily gratitude towards our functioning bodies is crucial for mental and physical health. By recognising the work our body does every day, we empower the function to its best ability. Give yourself a legs, arms or foot massage when getting ready for bed and remember how much your limbs have worked today. Then place your hand on your tummy, take a deep breath and inhale the love and gratefulness into your abdomen and systemical organs. Acknowledge that they are working around the clock and deserve a little care and attention once in a while. Then you can finish the day with a guided meditation or body-scan relaxation to drift of into sweet and restful sleep.

Please always keep in mind that if you have health issues or any raising health concerns to seek medical attention either through me, via a check up call, or directly by you registered GP or other trusted health care practitioner.

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