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The Power of Going with the Flow: How it Can Keep You From Getting Stuck in Life

Teachings from the Ocean part 1

A quote we often hear, especially within meditation and mindfullness practice but also along travellers and modern mindsets. But how are we supposed to go with the flow if we have deadlines and healthy routines to keep up with?

When we have a full work schedule, our own ideas and projects to work on?

When on a holiday it is easy to live into the day and make up the day as it goes on. Or we find it easier to have planned it all and head from one attraction to the next.

But how can we ‘follow the flow’ within our daily routined lifes?

When observing the Manta Rays feeding on plankton and moving within the currents of the ocean, i reaslise that there are different ‘flows/ currents’.

There is the current of the ocean, that is given from the outside. It effects the plankton and therefore directs the path the Manta has to travel to find the food.

Then there is the current that is in the movements of the manta, as they fly through the ocean, with spread wings and slow rhythmic wavy movements. It creates another flow movement that effects the mantas surrounding, stirring up the other currents of the sea.

And finally there is the harmony between those two flows. The harmony of the natural path that is created by the oceans currents, and the way the manta moves and flows through the sea.

In a similar way we have a flow that is given to us by our surroundings in terms of job, family, relationships and health. And then we have our own flow which includes our routines, movements, mindset and decision making.

I believe that ‘going with the flow’ on a broader spectrum is exactly that harmony between the outer and inner flow. While handing in work for deadlines and working off our to do lists every day, we influence on how we stay mentally engaged and healthy with our inner flow.

Once both are in balance and we keep a positive and interested mindset in most of our work, as well as our routines in a way that they come easy to us without much force once the mindset is in balance.

This flow is difficult to find on a maintainable level as the current of life can easily push us left and right. This makes it important that we keep our mindset adjustable and working within a range to be able to adapt to challenges in life. Because if we do not follow that flow, we may fall into a state of feeling stuck. Social interactions can become tiring, responsibilities overwhelming.

If we do allow space for balance and flow in our daily routines, just as the manta manages to find the food by following the ocean currents and light, we will be able to maintain a longterm maintainable lifestyle without getting stuck in healthy routines and neglecting fun parts of life.

It is all about a balance and every one of us has their unique balance within all those aspects as we are all individually different.



To find a healthy balance of work-life and flow times in your life, is to find an activity or place to go and ‘let some steam off’. If that means to go for a run or for a spa day, either work. Make sure to schedule time within your week and day to switch your brain off, move your body and take time to relax. This will recharge you more than any movie or series can, as it works in a refreshing way on your nervous system.

What have you done recently to get your balance in life and leave your stuckness behind and find your flow again?


Poetry time

Stuck - by Hiisha Buente

When you feel stuck

And nothing moves

And all you do

Is wait

For the stuckness

To be removed

To be resolve

By manifestations

By taking breaths

And waiting to be released

Well then i can tell you

These things only work partly

They will give you comfort

They will calm your mind

But they won’t actually

Change your life

When you are stuck

Life tells you

That you have to move

Change a pattern

Or a behaviour

Or even location

Sometimes a mindset change

Helps for a while

It can safe relationships

And give us room

To grow again

As a pair and as an individuum

But sometimes we get stuck

In order to move our life


Reflect what feels stuck

Reflect what stagnates

See if you can change these aspects

And if they are fixed

Then move on

Learn to let go

Learn to follow your life’s flow

Learn to detach yourself

From everything

That does not serve you anymore

Make changes

That will be irreversible

It is scary at first

And once having made that first step

Towards a new period

Of your life

You will feel empowered

Feel that new room

You create for yourself

Learn to work with the stuckness

Listen to the opportunities within

Sometimes it tells you what to do

And sometimes you have to read between the lines

To find your own answers

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