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Kinesiology as lifestyle support

Kinesiology as Lifestyle support

When does Kinesiology help?

Kinesiology is a diagnostic tool, as well as a treatment approach. It can be used for general testing of the structural body to find the main area of dis-ease of the body and to improve hormone imbalances. It can also be used to find supportive remedies for prolonged raised stress levels and emotional imbalances. Prolonged stress levels may cause changes in hormones and emotional imbalances may be related to stress levels and hormone imbalances. As the body works in an interlinked system, Kinesiology can be helpful to find out the supportive remedies that can start your journey to a more stable life. 

You might find yourself in a situation like the following:

Are you taking supplements and are not sure which ones work well?

Are you overwhelmed by the choices in health food shops and would like to know which supplements react well with your body?

Do you find your life overwhelming as a result to stress?

To you find yourself on edge all the time?

Do you suffer from non-medical anxiety?

Are you going through challenging times?

Are you trying to support body inflammations with supplements?

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower remedies have been around for since the 1930s and are a way to support emotions with a homeopathic approach. The full set contains of 38 different flower essences diluted on an alcohol- or alcohol-free bases. The flower energy works on a homeopathic level, meaning on the electromagnetic field. Each flower remedy is supporting the emotional system for different subjects.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is based on a mixture of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. It is a non-invasive technique to evaluate the nerve function of your body. It focuses on the nerve supply to the muscles, evaluating the muscles' function because this is related to the bodies structure, the bodies chemistry and the mechanism of nerve regulation. Using the muscle testing as a diagnostic tool, helps to find the cause of your dis-ease and to balance the sensory and the motor system of your body. 

As the nervous system is interlinked with the electromagnetic field, it is an option to test the bodies system on the quantum level.

How does a treatment look like?

  • checking up on the symptoms and condition as well as any medical advice and attention.

  • testing any given non prescribed supplements and remedies

  • Testing for any additional remedies that would be beneficial for the wholistic support for the bodies system

  • Testing the doses and written note of the testing results (to double check with a GP if indicated)

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