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Please note:

Availability only for Online sessions until further notice as I am currently travelling. Please contact me if you have any enquiry or questions and we can arrange the sessions.


First session Appointment 1 hour: 100

Follow up Appointment 40 min: 75

First session: FREE

3 month package: 40

6 month package: 60

Energy Healing

First chat 20 min: FREE

Session 1 hour: 190,

any extra 30 min: 80

Women circle Online

First session: FREE

3 month package: 40

6 month package: 60


Online session 30 min: 30


In person session 15 min: 30

Guided Meditation

Online Session 45 min: 30

Available soon:

Group session (monthly plan with

2 sessions per month available 30min: 15

Pricing information

All prices are in Pound, USD or AUD depending on your country of income. Please enquire prices for other countries of income and residency.

Scholarship options are available for people in with low income. I believe that everyone deserves holistic healthcare! Find out more below.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


I believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. That's why I am offering a special scholarship program for individuals facing financial difficulties. If you or someone you know is in a difficult situation and in need of healthcare services, my scholarship program can help. Don't miss this opportunity to receive the care you deserve. Apply now!

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