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When to see an Energy Healer?

When you feel stuck in your life, on a healing journey as a recovery from an injury or when trying to find a new way of looking at your own past, present and future, energy healing can help you to not only release old patterns that have manifested over many years but also learn tools how to integrate mindfulness and different meditation approaches in your everyday life. 

The purpose of energy healing is to:


  • Connect people to their purpose and light

  • Help people go through their busy lives

  • Integrate mindfulness into their lives

  • Keep them reminded of their light

My guiding objective is to help connect my clients to their purpose and light. Through my deep knowledge of anatomy and my training as a cranial osteopath, I utilise my learned skills to listen to the body for where there are areas of disconnection.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a way to addresses blocked energy in tissues. These are often causing inhibited healing and emotional barriers when it comes to healing processes. It can be supporting a healing journey when medications and lifestyle changes do not make the desired difference or when you feel like you would like to add a wholistic aspect to your healing journey. 

Connecting to the energy body and to release blockages within the etherical system from within may improve physical symptoms and create new balance in your physical body, mind and soul. 

How does a treatment look like?

  • Clients arrive with a painful area in the body or subject they may feel 'stuck' with

  • I use a range of techniques for the treatments: from picturing, colours, chacras energy, light and elemental energies)

  • By tuning into the individual energy system, I treat what is ready to be worked on and open to transformation

  • I work with tissues and the shock/trauma in the fascia and connective tissue from this lifetime and past life

  • Remote healing with an osteopath structural awareness / anatomy intelligence and based on the osteopathic principles:

  • Fluid: Work with fluidity of the body and balancing stagnation and vitality

  • Cardio / respiratory: chest stuff (breathing, cavity health in the chest, heart and emotions\

  • Structural: biomechanics of the body

  • Metabolic: ethereal - how the chemistry from within caused by chemistry around you

  • BioPsychoSocial: The social, chemical and mental environment and lifestyle

What are different tools within energy work:

  • Meditation

  • Spiritual Connectedness

  • Chanting Mantras and Affirmations

  • Channeling Angelic Guidance

  • Breathwork

  • Mindful Movement/ Dance and many more


Does Energy Healing really work?

- Over the course of time the experience has proven to show great effects with energy healing techniques. It is a non scientifically proven way yet shows effects on physical and mental health states of clients. It is important to be open to this approach to be able to integrate the healing from the treatment sessions within everyday life. 

How does it work remote?

- As energy healing works on the quantum level and electromagnetic vibrancies, it does work remotely, as well as in person. It is important how you, as a client feel comfortable to be connected and treated.

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